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Originally Posted by Juan Foote View Post
To be fair, VA has some real **** weather in the winter, as well as certain parts of the Carolinas and Georgia. If you are truly going to "snowbird" follow the rest down to Florida. Anything South of the Ocala-ish region is SUPER nice during the winter and there are loads of good trails to ride. Of course, your cold tolerance may make for some leeway there. Georgia typically doesn't deal with snow much once you are South of Atlanta, even a little bit North of there it's rare. Our most common serious snowfall historically has been in March/April.

I would mention in regard to the Beltline. It is a super cool resource, but the only time it's suitable for a decent bike ride on the East side and part of the North is during week business hours. The West and Southern part are typically good just about any time. The Eastside Beltline is the most popular and populous. During nice evenings and weekends there is barely room to walk much less actually "ride" a bike. Jerk offs like to walk 3-4 abreast and talk like the self important prigs they are and block the pathway regardless of other users desire. Mix in with that the "Tour de Trail" jerks, the skateboarders, the dog walkers, and those damned E scooters...just best to stay away at those times. Late in the evenings on nice nights is dodge a drunk, if you are into that.
TBH, **** weather is a relative term. I lived in Central VA for 10 years and, believe me, winter weather there sure beats winter whether here. I would imagine that, for the most part, weather farther south (Carolina and GA) would be even better. But for some reason, Florida just isn't on my radar....

Thanks, guys!
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