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Just gave up my car

Hi folks, new member here: 1st post.

I'm 73 and live in a small town in Maine, pop. 6,000+. I'm retired, living on a very small Social Security benefit, and really very comfortable. But: my old Volvo finally got to be a drain on my resources and the biggest source of stress in my life. So, goodbye cars, most likely for the duration.

Back in the day, I worked as a bike messenger in NYC (early 70's, stripped down Raleigh 3-speed with low racing bars) and like most of you, have biked most of my life. Well, now my balance is an issue so I have acquired a new TerraTrike Maverick, 3 wheeler. I love it!

I've lived in the area for 50 years and have made a lot of friends (mostly through my work as a musician in various bands and styles). So in bad weather and for longer distances (e.g. VA hospital appointments) I have friends I can call on.

And for local stuff, I've been managing quite well for grocery shopping, library, and socializing (a beer in a bar now and then etc). This for almost 2 weeks. (I'll deal with Maine winter in a few months).

Anyway this seems like a great and extremely diverse forum. Thanks to all who work at keeping it up and running. Lots of good resources!

Best to you all.
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