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Originally Posted by MinnMan View Post
Whatever floats your boat, but oatmeal through a straw seems like an inopportune choice for fueling during a ride, whether you are stopping or not. It's better to choose items that are easy to eat and swallow, and there are plenty of options around that are rather easily eaten whilst riding.

Also, as has been mentioned in other related threads, once you begin taking in nutrition during a ride, it's better to eat a little bit at relatively short intervals - every 15 minutes or every 30 minutes, depending on the ride intensity. There's nothing wrong with stopping to eat occasionally, but a solution that allows small portions repeatedly while underway has multiple advantages.
A thick straw would allow me to eat oatmeal without stopping and I definitely won't consume more than half a cup per eating interval. Once I worked out immediately after eating 1 cup oatmeal, I didn't feel good afterwards.
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