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Anyway, I went for a 40 minute ride today. Not much, but temperatures are soaring above 100F on the road with over 60% humidity.

I did a little experiment. I did not bring any bottle of drink nor food but instead, I took my tube bandana, put 8 pieces of ice cubes in it and rolled it into a donut and then wore the rolled bandanna with ice cubes in it on my neck. Basically, I turned my tube bandanna into a neck ice pack. Additionally, I wet my shirt before going heading out.

The results are actually pretty good. I did not feel the 100F heat at all during the ride. I actually felt cool and comfortable with my whole body the entire 40 minutes! The ice cubes fully melted in 40 minutes. However, the melting ice also provided controlled supply of water to keep my shirt wet so I don't have to pour water on myself. It's diabolically effective. I did not feel exhausted nor fatigued afterwards and it seems to be the best result I got so far.

It really seems to be a good idea for longer trips in 100F to bring insulated bag or container with bandannas inside containing ice cubes or make quick stops at gas stations to re-fill neck bandannas with ice tubes. You have to keep the ice cubes or ice tubes behind your neck though. They don't have problems staying at the back of the neck but if they end up on front of your neck, the bandanna would start dripping water on the bike and into the chain.
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