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Originally Posted by CliffordK View Post
By changing from 11T or 12T to a 14T in the rear, you may be saying that you don't need the highest gears.
And changing from 28T to 34T on the rear means you want lower gears.

You can achieve some of the same by going with even a smaller crankset. 48T/30T? Smaller?

Ultimately you could probably keep the current 12/28 cassette, or even go to 11/28.
Correct - I didn't place much emphasis on the highest gear on the cassette (or freewheel, in this case) since I don't spend much time in that neighborhood. The quest for a change in gear sets is due to a couple of good sized hills I've encountered on a new route. If a freewheel happens to have fewer teeth than 14 in the highest gear, that is not of much concern to me unless it would have an impact on whether or not this swap would be possible.
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