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Bidabidabidabidabida Yah!!!

Are in person auctions disappearing rapidly?

I remember going to the livestock auctions as a kid. Sitting in the back of the bleachers, it is like one was surrounded by a layer of fog from smoke. Then they went non-smoking!!!

Then there were the farm auctions where one would follow the auctioneer from lot to lot.

Since COVID, Oregon, Washington, and California may have made 100% of the farm actions, estate auctions, and small business auctions 100% online. I don't know about the livestock auctions.

Copart, IAAI, and insurance auctions are also 100% online.

I suppose I haven't followed the evolution towards going online. Perhaps it is a longterm thing that has been happening for a while.

Yet, I fear that the auctioneers and the fast talking stutter may well be a dying breed.
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