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Originally Posted by happytrochoid View Post
I made an account just for the purpose of replying =) This is exactly what I am searching for at the moment - an app where I can create a custom street view route to follow along on my spin bike. I've trialed Fulgaz and Rouvy so far and I'm happy with both of them, but it would be so awesome if I could virtually travel through old neighborhoods and where I used to live throughout the years. I will bookmark your page and see how it works for me. Cheers!!
I too have just registered to reply. I bought a ProForm Tour de France training bike back in 2016, the main draw being the streetview integration and the automatic incline tilting of the bike, so it's eminently possible. Unfortunately the bike's on board tech and the iFit subscription service it uses have slowly been deprecated over the years. The built-in screen was actually an Android 2.0 tablet, which Google stopped supporting for Streetview a couple of years later. Ifit produced a workaround that allowed users to stream their rides over the Internet directly to their personal tablet or smartphone screen via their website, but as of this year that too has been disabled, leaving me with a bike that I can still plot a ride anywhere in the world on, but which can't show me that ride as I'm doing it. I'm tempted to get the most recent version of the Tour de France that tilts, but that's already a couple of years old and once bitten, twice shy.
What I really signed up to say was that if you do find a bike with ifit integration and that still can support streetview natively, quite often Amazon have ifit 2 year subscriptions significantly reduced. I'm in the UK, but in the past I've bought 2x 2 year memberships for just over 30, which works out at about 65p a month, compared to 11-15 a month directly from ifit.
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