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Decals, stickers, vinyl transfers.....

Iím exploring options of decals/stickers/logos for the 70s Valgan Iím repainting and rehabbing. Budget is kind of a priority, but I also want it to look decent and have at least some durability. Iíve painted the frame with, planning to clear-coat over the stickers/decals (testing beforehand, of course). While Iím not recreating the originals, they were a kind of metallic silver foil sticker. Anyone have experience with DIY inkjet printing on metallic foil sticker paper and clear-coating over it? I figure thereís a big risk of the ink running under the clear-coat, but maybe if misted and carefully applied that could be avoided? Also wonder if the inkjet colors would quickly fade from UVÖ.. or maybe the clear-coat provides protection?

I see that waterslide decal paper is available for inkjet printers, so thatís another possibilityÖ The logo idea Iím working with would ideally have a white component, which of course I couldnít print at home. But it seems like there are some online services that might be able to make up decals that include white. I was pretty good at applying decals on models as a kid, but that was a looooooooong time ago and not sure about the fussiness of working with waterslides on a bike..

And then there are vinyl transfersÖ. I like the idea of those, though it seems theyíre always a single color (at least with clear background versions), which kind of limits what I want to do.

Thoughts & experiences?
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