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Hello from Bowen, Queensland

Hi Bicycle People. I'm 70 next month. I have just taken up riding as an attempt to regain some muscle strength and stamina. Had a few health issues 2019 to 2022 and now off my meds for nearly a year. During that year I noticed my general condition and physical ability declining so I decided about a month ago to get on my foldup ebike and do something about it. I am impressed with the results and have clawed back at least a year's worth of decline. I don't like the foldup does not have the stability of a "real" bike but it's what I have and I'm planning to keep it for a while. I started off using a lot of pedal assist but for the last week not at all and yesterday I clocked up my first 10km. I am also doing resistance exercises and that with cycling seems to be getting me back on track. I'm not expecting to be a serious biker but I do have things I'd like to discuss, which is why I'm here!
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