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Hello from Lincoln, England

Hey, Gang!

Not sure if it it's appropriate, but it's been a long time and I feel like a noobie all over again, so here goes.

When I first registered this account I was working in central London, and had just got my first proper bike: a beautiful Kona Hoss. I used it to commute into work every day. Since then, much has changed. My username is because I used to have a VW Beetle, that's long gone. I'm no longer a muppet on a Kona, now I'm an oldie on a Trek. Haven't lived in London for years, now I'm living the quiet life in Lincoln. Might be time to update my profile. After all, it's just about old enough to vote now .

I vaguely remember that, back in the day, it was de rigeur for noobs to post a pic of their ride, so here's mine:

It's a Trek Marlin 7 2020. Bought pre-loved during the first lockdown but hardly ridden since then. Now that summer's here, it's time to get back on the saddle.

(And yes, the pedals are Crank Brother's Candies - no mocking please. Their reputation seems to have taken bit of a battering since I was last riding, but they're the only clipless pedal brand that have never locked up on me. And old habits die hard. )

Great to be back!
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