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Originally Posted by slickrcbd View Post
Unfortunately, Chicago has issued a "heat warning" that may become a "heat emergency". I drove my car to pick up a prescription today even though it's only a mile. It's just too hot to walk in 90 degree heat. Tomorrow it may break a hundred.
Normally I'd take the bike, unless it is raining, icy, or over 80 degrees. The latter is too common in the Chicago suburbs.
It's supposed to be in over 85 for the next week :-(. No bike riding for me.
Although I recall I used to ride my bike about 3/4 of the mile to the public pool in this weather when I was a kid, I'd be REALLY hot when I got there, and I used to stay until the pool was closed in the hopes it would cool off a little in the evening. I never went anywhere else in this kind of heat even then.
You can still exercise indoors with a huge fan and wetting your shirt and cold water bottle within reach. I do it when temps outside is 100 F without experiencing any problems even without airconditioning.
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