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Hello and welcome to Bike Forums,

On eBay these days, if the frame is cleaned up and presented nicely it may be worth a few hundred dollars to a buyer keen on just such a Rochet in this particular and slightly unusual size - however, you'd have to wait for the perfect patron to get more than $250 or so for the frameset. I suggest stripping it down and advertising it at that price to start if you are keen to maximize your profits and sell the components separately. The stem and front derailleur are worth $100-200 apiece (and should also be cleaned up a bit for advertising) because they are very rare and people looking for such things are willing to pay. The front hub is nice but doesn't necessarily match this bicycle so I would also sell that separately. Definitely scrap the chain and rear derailleur, clean up the brakes a bit and remove the cables and housing whether you part them out or not.

If you want to sell the bicycle as assembled I would suggest giving the wheels to a co-op because they are not useless but do not match the quality or age of the rest of the bicycle. For what will amount to a challenging but rewarding project I would start by asking $500 for the frame, fork, headset, stem, shifter, front derailleur and brake levers/cable guides. You have a receipt and a cool backstory to provide and I'm sure that some prospective buyers might appreciate the added provenance.

Parted out or not, if it doesn't sell fast enough for you just slowly drop the price and someone will eventually take a stab at it. Good luck!


(EDIT: I dropped my estimated prices a bit on the frame and whole bicycle after considering the important fact that the fork is obviously not original. That is a buzzkill for many buyers.)

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