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Originally Posted by slickrcbd View Post
I meant that I wouldn't be taking the bike when it's 90 degrees. I'm exercising indoors. The problem is that mom's on Coumadin and keeps the air set uncomfortably warm. She used to be like me and preferred lower temperatures until they put her on blood thinners.
How bad is it? I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt and uncomfortably warm and she's got either a sweatshirt, sweat-jacket, or sweater on and complaining about being cold in the same room. She used to prefer even cooler temperatures than me!
She is having health problems. .
I'm not sure. 90F is my typical workout environment (so I might be quite used to it), also indoors. However, our flat is quite well ventilated. Sometimes I don't even use fan because strong winds goes straight through our flat!

I do wet my shirt before workout. And it will stay wet and keep me cool for at least one hour when I'm pedaling hard. If you don't have wind blowing through your room, you definitely need strong fan to keep cool.
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