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Originally Posted by DMC707 View Post
It all counts

I'll parrot what others have said about walking if its that close.

I went from an active job (roughly 12-15,000 steps per day) to a sedentary job - (maybe 3000 steps) - all other things being equal , nutrition, cycling , etc. i gained 30 pounds and am fighting like heck to get it back down.

Base activity level is very important even if we dont consider it exercise
Amen to that. I work in downtown Washington, DC, but live in the 'burbs. In DC, most people walk, whether from their apartment to the office, from their office to the Metro, etc. It's very unusual for me to find a fat walker downtown. In the 'burbs, nobody walks. They all get in the car and drive. Granted, the gyms are packed with these same people, but they then get back in the car and resume their sedentary life. The difference in body comp between the 'burbs and downtown is striking.
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