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hi Kevin, I find that I have two different speeds/ energy outputs for 2 rides per day.
Let me explain, in the morning it is 5.30 so I find that I don't feel like going hard, I just spin-100/105 rpm in 39x17 or 16. In the afternoon there is lots more traffic so I have to ride hard and fast to keep up with them, this tires me out so I can't go fast next morning.
I commute 50km round trip and it took me the best part of a year to be able to ride this day in/day out- to me this was a sign of my fitness. It took this amount of time because I was out of shape but others younger will take a lot less time to adjust.
To me your planned training regime sounds good, letting your body adjust to regular riding.
My advice would be to listen to your body in the early days- if you feel really tired then take the car/bus/train or take the next day off the bike. For me- after a long time commuting I push myself to ride if I don't feel like it, but I take it slowly and feel ok at the end.
Good on you for giving it a go!
regards, sillystorm
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