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First recumbent

Got a catrike 700 setup and biked it around. I liked it. Thoughts:

1. Gearing was too high. My area is hilly and this thing is geared with a deore on a triple.

2. Surprisingly comfortable. I had read that recumbents need suspension. I don't think that is true. Compared to a bicycle I think a recumbent trike absorbs bumps better. A bicycle the bump goes in a straight line to your bottom but a recumbent it feels more spread out.

3. Liked being able to just wheel over and take a nap under a tree.

4. Recumbents seem ideal for an electric wheel. I had a road bike that had an electric setup and it didn't work the best because the additional weight required more effort to keep it balanced upright. With a recumbent it is stable already and the weight argument is lost already too. Only problem was this catrike 700 has a 130mm dropout and is too small for the 135mm wheel. Also, the rear wheel is not braked and an electric system with regeneration could be ideal.

5. They look ideal for bike touring. Especially the hundred mile trail rides, the laid back position would be better than a bicycle.
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