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Originally Posted by VegasTriker View Post
It would be a lot more cost effective to just replace the rim and have the wheel trued. The problem with rear wheels on a delta trike and front wheels on a tadpole trike is that they don't fit a regular truing stand because the axle is on the trike instead of coming off with the wheel. If you can find a recumbent shop they may be able to fix your wheel.

From the looks of the trike shown by Oldsledz, it would likely just take a new chain and a new set of tires to get it back on the road. It would be a shame to part it out with it being so complete.
Un fortunately, the parts for penninger recumbents are almost non-existent. I have had the bile in the best repair shop in Tucson for 3 months now and they tell me the rim is a special made one and is on backorder and they do not know when it might get here, if ever. I would hate to get rid of the trike for that but my options seem very limited. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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