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The "extra weight = early bone consolidation = stunted growth" only works if the kid is carrying the bike everywhere. It applies to obese children. Actually, it works the other way when the bike is carrying the kid. In other words, the kid is carrying less of his own weight when riding a bike and none of the bike's weight. Riding a bike does nothing to affect bone density. Carrying extra weight on the body does and, to a lesser extent, so does distance running.

Moving on, when I was a kid I was never worried about the weight of my bike, none of my friends were, either. The weight of my bike was never a concern until I reached my mid-teens and started touring. Then I became something of a weight weenie, but I grew out of that a long time ago.

The weight of a kid's bike is not nearly as much of a practical concern as the quality of the components and assembly of the bike.

edit-Now that I think about it, backpacking is another activity that would effect bone density, because of the weight bearing, but the kid would have to be doing it all the time, like carrying a heavy backpack to school everyday. Riding a heavy, relatively speaking, bicycle would not have this effect.

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