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Originally Posted by Bug Shield View Post
PS. You can hook the front, rear, or both ends of a pannier on a Logo/Vega if you're willing to move the hooks or add a second set. I started running a double-set of hooks on my Front Roller Plus paniers due to several instances of unhooking on my ranch-road commute but I'd say that just about qualifies as abuse.
Are you talking about top or bottom hooks?

Are you talking about adding extra bottom hooks? Where/how do you have the bottom hooks attached?

The only time I had a (top) hook failure with an Ortlieb was with new bags that weren't broken in. I was used to older, more worn-out hooks that that "grabbed" the railing as soon as they were in place and I let go of the handle/strap. The new ones weren't broken in, and I needed to press down on the top of the "grabber hooks" to make them grab the railing. I didn't fully realise this until after one of my new bags tried to escape.

My bottom hooks fail regularly on decent bumps, because the size/shape of the Super-Tourist racks doesn't have a secure enough position for that bottom hook, and then the bags will swing out, attached only at the top, until I stop and re-seat them.

Below is a diagram showing the "nub" that's *not* on the stainless version of the Logo rack (red circle) and where I think I'd want to get the top hooks (green circles) inside the vertical stays. Is that a setup that would work well with the Back-Roller QL2.1? My concern is that the rear vertical stay would put a torsional force on the rear hook, and may bend/break it over time. I'd *really* like to have that nub, and also get the top hooks as far apart as the bag allows, making it more stable. Maybe I can screw a plastic clamp of some kind there, to serve the purpose of the nub?

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