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Originally Posted by smasha View Post
I don't have one to measure, but the Tara specs are 10mm ⌀ on the top, and 14mm ⌀ for the "hoop", which is the attachment point for the bottom hoook. All of the Ortliebs I have (ranging from about 15 years old to a few months old) have inserts for the top pair of hooks to shrink them down to 10mm, and the bottom hooks are adjustable by rotating the spacer; according to the manual in front of me, the small setting is 10mm, and the larger setting is 13mm. Should be alright with a 14mm rail.
Sorry I wasn't clear. It's the bottom hook that won't slip over the 14mm tube at the bottom. My Front Roller Plus and Arkel panners are both torsionally stiff so they don't really fly out at the front. The Back Packer Classics do fly out a bit in front but it doesn't really bother me.
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