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Originally Posted by Robert C View Post
The TSDZ2 motor allows for both. I don't use it much anymore but I would sometimes use the throttle to boost a little in strong headwinds.

This motor is found on a few low-end eBikes, the type where someone throws some parts on a regular bike and then sells it as an eBike. It is also easily sourced and used on a lot of homemade eBikes. It is a pretty easy system to install. I eventually stopped using it due to the poor performance and I just liked the way the bike I replaced it with looked.
Thanks for the response, Robert. I never heard of the TSDZ2 motor. But if you experienced poor performance from it (Could you define exactly what you mean?), I doubt that it would interest me. And while it may be considered easy to install, I'm sure it would be hard for me, since I'm "mechanically-challenged".
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