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Gazelle Chainguard Parts?

The last part I'm looking is the rear of the chainguard, which is made of plastic and snaps into place.

The chainguard is not like those made currently. Current available parts do not rise up to fit the diagonal angle behind the axle.

Circa 1990, these guards were made as 2-piece or 3-piece assemblies, depending on the model. The main top and bottom portions are made of the same rigid plastic, the seams of which are fused/melted together along the long edge, either side of the chain (very unflexible and hard to remove). The rear piece, I believe, was created in order to give quick access to the Sturmey-Archer hub and axle. I'm guessing the might have been prone to popping off.

Missing rear chainguard area

Missing part, found in a YouTube video

A similar bike with chainguard intact, showing the missing piece

A similar chainguard of the same era, which also uses that rear piece
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