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Originally Posted by hokiefyd View Post
There are a lot of great tire brands. I've had excellent service from Continental, Michelin, Panaracer, Schwalbe, and Vittoria. In general, tires with more puncture protection are at the opposite end from "supple" and "compliant". Serfas' Flat Protection System (the durable belt that runs under the tread) likely contributes to a harsher ride than if the same tire didn't have that. You often must make a choice between these conflicting priorities (or try to balance them) to get exactly what you want.

I might recommend the Continental Speed Ride, in 700x42. They run a hair small (so they'll actually inflate up to about 39 or 40mm wide), but they're very light, they're relatively supple, they have only moderate puncture protection, they're foldable, and they're inexpensive (about 25 dollars each).
I have Serfas Drifters on a C-Dale F700 and they work great. They are bigger. I would have bought them but I couldn't find them in 700.
I don't like Continental. I would have to look up the models I used, but they wore poorly. Serfas just don't wear out. I have had the Secas on a few different bikes and flipped the bikes with well over a thousand miles on the tires and they were still in great shape.
I did look at the Speed Rides. Conty has soured me on their tires.
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