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I got an email yesterday from UPS saying a box was going to be delivered today, 15lbs. I didn't recall ordering anything, then mostly forgot about it. I was out today and busy with some other stuff at home and missed the delivery message. Ellen came home and said, "There's a big box taking up the entire entryway. Jessica won't be able to get out." (Jessica is our garden unit tenant.) I went down and grabbed it. It was a bike box, not too heavy, certainly not a bike. I opened it to find this:

It came from a fellow I met from The Paceline. He was in town a couple months ago getting his niece settled in for grad school at the University of Chicago. He brought a bike and we rode a couple times. He mentioned having a beat up Weigle that he thought was my size. While I didn't forget the conversation, I thought he'd ping me to see if I wanted it. Then we'd discuss price, etc etc. I dropped him a note today, thanking him for it and asking what he wanted for it. "Nothing. You showed me around when I was in Chicago, and you are doing the GoFundMe for Doug Fattic. I want you to have it."

It does have a pretty serious crimp in the downtube. I contacted Peter Weigle who reported that it is a 1981, so it should feel right at home with my other American bikes from that era. I think I can probably build it up from decent parts just to see how well it fits (likely pretty well ). Then I will have to figure out how to repair it. So, NFD for me... (Can we get banana guy added to our smilies?)
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