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Lol, I say let them crash (as long as it is not permanently damaging or requires hospitalization). Nothing teaches safety like a personally experienced mishap. Better now than later.

My oldest endo'd a few weeks back. Riding down a hill, did not realize that the mud in the gully would bind the tire. I have never endo'd like that. Side of face covered in mud, thru the vents of the helmet, handlebar into ribs, bike stuck in the ground. It was great. Cried, needed cuddling (dad was good for right there but mom was really wanted), a bath and a nap after that. Of course they get right back on, we were just racing down the street this weekend. If mine were a little bigger/older I would likely buy make an offer on Dirt Devils bike, but I have 20" on layaway for the birthday gears and all. I am worried about this step up but I am sure they will adjust to the changes. I know the bigger gear(s) will be greatly appreciated. I think I have seen 150rpm from them.

Anyway, I hope you all can let the little stuff go. Remember, the person on this forum could be your neighbor, boss, employee, fellow church member, friends father, etc. It would be embarassing to meet after exchanges like this. Try to disagree respectfully .
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