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Originally Posted by obliterator
I hate this type of attitude. You would not be saying this if you were the one starving and in need of a job, what a selfish attitude you have. What good would a clean environment be if nobody was here to enjoy it because they all died of diseases and hungry. Wait what am I saying, you'd probably love it because you'd get this pristine environment all to your big hearted self.
Hi, obliterator. I understand you are worried about the financial upheaval and social disruption that will potentially occur if and when automobiles go out of fashion or become impractical due to oil depletion. However, you should be equally or more concerned about the consequences that will and already are flowing from massive and growing automobile production/usage. You worry about starvation - well, we are paving farmland to make automobile dependent suburbia. Doesn't that worry you? You worry about disease - well, automobile culture has huge health implications...respiratory disease, obesity, motor vehicle trauma - people are dying in droves. That should concern you too. You think people care more about the environment than about other people. Well, all of us live in this environment - we don't have a spare one on Mars, so you should want to see it protected as much as the next person.
Perhaps you or someone in your family work in the automotive sector. That's fine - people need income. No-one wants to see you and your family left in the cold. But like it or not, there is a huge downside to automobile dependence, and it's not sustainable - it's going to have to end someday, either by planned phase out, or by catastrophic failure, and I for one like the first choice.
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