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Rear hub noise saga continues from here...Addiction 2022.4

This past weekend, I found some time to pull the freebub body off my PowerTap rear hub, and replace the bearings. Freehub body off the hub...easy. Punch out the outer bearing...easy. Punch out the inner bearing...****! The bearing came apart. First the inner ring, and part of the internals. Then the rest of the internals. It took me a lot of pounding, but I finally got the rest of the bearing parts out. Okie dokie! Time to press in the new bearings. Nope. The bearing number/size indicated on the video tutorial I watched, and had ordered, didn't fit. Thankfully, on the 1 bearing that came out easily, I could still read the bearing number/size printed on the outer ring. Even better, the website for my LBS said they had 2 in stock. I placed the order online, and zoomed out to pick them up. At the LBS, I was informed that they only had 1, and the other was being sent from their sister store (about 30+ minute drive). Reading my vivid - but not rude - frustration, LBS guy asked me to hang out for a bit while he checked to see if they had any other options that would work for me. A few minutes later, he presented 2 of the bearings I ordered. Apparently, his inventory system only showed 1, but there were actually 2 in the drawer. Cool! Back in my shop, the bearing install went really easy (with my new bearing-press tool that I will probably never use again). I put everything back together and...SUCCESS!! No more weird noise! I then pulled off the old cassette and chain, and replaced them with new parts that I've been sitting on until I got the hub noise issue solved. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to actually go for a ride. Soon...
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