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The name of the tournament is the World Baseball Classic. It's Bud Selig's baby.

It's getting focus here in the States, mostly because Canada beat the U.S. 8-6 on Wednesday. I'm assuming it's getting a lot of press in the Caribbean nations like the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Venezuela, where baseball is absolutely HUGE.

However, in the U.S. it's been overshadowed by the whole Barry Bonds steroids allegations that now seem to have some hard-core documentation to back them up.

I'm wondering if it's getting attention in other nations that are participating like the Netherlands, Italy, and South Africa. How about Australia?

I think it's a great idea for a tournament, and they have gotten some top notch players (like last year's NL MVP Albert Pujols playing for the Domincans and Roger Clemens pitching for the U.S.), but it will never be another World Cup of soccer (futbol).

It may not be 'classic' just yet, but you gotta start somewhere, right?
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