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Originally Posted by HillRider
First, your friend is a bit taller than average (1.7M = 5'7" ).

Yes, there is a lot of overkill if you just want a casual ride for her. I'd make the bars fairly close to seat height and the reach to the bars modest. There are several adjustable stems that will let you change the bar position after installation.
Hmm..yea I read about how female arms are shorter? How do I take this into account when assembling the bike?

What type of bike are you assembling? A drop bar road bike? A hybrid? How complex will the drivetrain be? The answers to those questions will have a big effect on the components you choose.
Aaahhh...questionsquestionsquestions....I have no idea. What do you recommend for a fairly young female getting her first bike as a gift?

Since we're assembling something from 2nd hand parts and pieces we can find, so I think it may be easier to put together something more common - either MTB or roadbike. In terms of the comfort question - would a MTB be better?
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