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Actually, the boom seems quite rigid. the frame tube is a pretty good fit on the steering stem, and there's a pair of pretty stout bolts there. I could have used a bit of shim stock to get a really tight fit, and if I notice any creaking I'll try that.

One thing about the skate wheels (there's a lot of info on making them on the web) is to get the hard ones. The first ones I made from a pair of cast-off skates were rather soft, and the drive-side wheel failed within 10 miles. These are very hard, "machine" quite nicely using a small square-end chisel and a jig chucked into my power drill. A drill press would be better if you have access to one.

I may look into just dropping the drive-side wheel. It does look as if the chainline would be a straight shot from the cassete to the crank!
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