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I'm in the right lane always, unless I am downtown, then I'm generally ;eft of that lane, passing buses. Sometiems I end up in the leftmost lane. yeah I don't signal, never do. I just change lanes if I'm going faster than the car that I'm changing lanes in front of. sometimes I pull into major roads from side streets too close for most drivers' comfort. I bust every red light. I have memorized most of the light sequences for all the roads I generally ride often so I can bust red lights safely. um, yeah I'm generally a jerk riding but drivers don't seem to get pissed so I guess they tolerate me well. I don't really do that riding in the opposite lanes stuff. sometimes.. but only in dowtown when I need ot get to the east side; only some streets cross to the east side, some abruptly end because a highway divides downtown from the east side. So, I have to ride against the flow sometimes.
bike lanes are rarely swept, and alot of times don't continue on the road after you cross an intersection. Merging into the right lane from a bike lane is too dangerous so I stick in the right lane the majority of the time.

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