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I live in a town of about 70,000 people that still has a small town atmosphere.
People I know professionally often remark about seeing me riding around town.
Politically and socially it seems smart, to me, to ride like a good neighbor.

I know, or suspect, a lot of people enjoy the anonymity, or depend on the anonymity of a big town to cover certain aspects of their lifestyle, including how they ride.
I can live with that.

As for riding crazy, I had a fall a year and one day ago, March 29, 2005, that broke four ribs, messed up my shoulder and collapsed my lung.
I lost a month of work while I healed.

Today I ride aggressively, meaning fast, when it seems safe and neighborly to do so.
I don't ride as fast downhill as I once did; preferring control over speed.
I love climbing fast, though, and I really enjoy hitting a max cruise; I average about 19mph around town.

I have recently watched some of the videos posted here, of fixed gear riders in large metropolitan areas, and I recognize myself as a sissy and rank amateur rider compared to many of the folks on this forum.
Still, where on lives makes a big difference.

By the way, I just got back from Portland, where I saw Cirque du Soleil.
While there I saw a remarkable number of very competent fixed gear riders who blended with traffic with grace and speed.
I admired the riders I saw very much.
I saw some nice bikes, too, with fenders (Portland has a lot of rain) and many with front and rear brakes.
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