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close calls at philly critical mass

So i'm sure a lot of you hate critical mass, judging by the thread a couple back. personally i'm an advocate. Regardless, hear me out.

So philadelphia critical mass tonight, as anyone who rode it witnessed, had an enraged and dangerous driver. For those who didn't see, near the art musuem a blue WRX decided it was a good idea to try to weave in and out of biking traffic. Basically he almost hit and could have killed several people.

if you do live in philadelphia please report him, i've put together a little bit of information.

Make and Model: Subaru WRX
Color: Blue
License plate - FBP1489
Time- 6:55 PM
Date - Friday March 31th, 2006
Location: Benjamin Franklin Pky between 24th and 22nd (next to the art museum)

The 9th police District is the one i think would cover the area, so i plan on going in person tonight.
Address:401 N. 21st Street, 19130 (by whole foods)
Phone Numbers: 215.686-3090

If someone can find on online form for submiting reports post the link please
thanks you everything
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