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the kid that through his lock hit the car on the rear left side. the driver slammed on his breaks and put it in reverse for a second, but probably realized if he got out he would have gotten the **** kicked out of him. i think the kid picked up his lock though.

i haven't seen those videos and they're really intense by the way

so, i went to the police station and the cop was horrible. he laughed at me when i said i was on a bike, and then told me there was nothing wrong. when i said the driver was speeding and driving wrecklessly, the cop responded with "well how would you know, i mean i can't even tell when i see it." so pretty much, at least at 9th district, it was all a joke. he also said that there was nothing wrong unless someone got hit, and when i said it was very close to really injuring some bikers, his response was a professional "well he didn't hit anyone, so it's not really an issue how he was driving". i'm glad we need to wait until someone does get killed for any notice to be taken.
thank you for listening to me vent
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