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Bikes: Surly Cross-Check, '85 Giant road bike (unrecogizable fixed-gear conversion

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I just did a SS conversion and have been riding it around a bit. The main advantage I see is a perfectly straight chainline in the exact gear ratio that is most efficient for me. With those two things, I go quite faster than I do on my standard road bike in the same gear.

I also dropped two and a half pounds when I took off the shifters, derraileurs and extra chainrings, cogs and cables. But I'm no "weight weenie" so that doesn't really matter.

You also get a stronger back wheel if you use an actual fixed gear track-type hub because there is no dishing. I didn't go that route, instead just using a BMX cog on an 8 speed cassette hub with spacers.

Those are the main, technical reasons. Now a few more.

For training, it helps with pedaling stroke and discipline. No more downshifting for those little hills or not so little hills. Interestingly, I go much faster on overpasses now.

A single speed conversion is a great way to resurrect an old bike that doesn't shift any more. And a lot of those bikes have nice steel frames.

Single speed bike just look nicer.
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