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Spend a little more money and get the Nittos. For starters, they're really good stuff. Secondly, Nitto's moustache bars are visually more pleasing to me than Nashbar's. The shape is just nicer. I run nitto stache bars on one of my bikes and I really like them. They are kind of a halfway point between wide cruiser bars and low drop bars.

Note that Nitto's northroad bars and other cruiser type bars are not the same as moustache bars. Moustache bars are road diameter, where cruiser bars are designed for straight grips and different sized brakes and shifters. Moustache bars take road brakes (both for clamp diameter and the round shape where they curve with the drops on drop bars) and are intended to be wrapped with tape so you can hang onto them in a bunch of different places. I don't think they're really that wide; they feel about perfect for me. I like to do most of my riding out on the curves (where you would be to reach the brakes) and drop out to the ends of the bars to get more leverage for climbs and acceleration.

Here's my setup:
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