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Bikes: a mountain bike with a cargo box on the back and aero bars on the front. an old well-worn dahon folding bike

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It's just starting so the actual build hasn't begun yet but i'll send more pics if anyone's interested...

on a trike that's going through a fast turn, there's a lot of torque that would tend to force the rear wheel to twist (rear part of rear wheel goes to one side, forward part of rear wheel goes to the other side).

Have you figured out a way to keep that torque from breaking the wheel, tire, or the part of the frame that holds the wheel?

The design as pictured also creates a problem that motorcycles don't have: your power-input comes from legs that probably turn at less than 150 RPM. This means that with a small wheel (the one attached to the rear sprocket) driving the main rear wheel, your gearing will top out at about a fifth the speed of a normal bicycle. "Your feet go round like crazy and you're going 5 mph."
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