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gathering information for a speech, need help

hey everybody, im working on a persuasive speech for my horrible speech class and my speech is about over dependence on oil and the car. this is a 100 level speech class im in, trying to finish up my prereq. classes.
I know this is a controversial subject on BF, especially with how it easily starts flamewars, im just looking for information so if you could refrain from going on any tangents about the subject i would appreciate it.
I am looking for some information. specifically, the comparison of mpg output of humans vs the average car when measured in calories, the weight of pollutants in exhaust expelled in a mile, and eisenhowers statement about how he wanted the car to become an everyday item of necessity or something like that( i know i read that last one somewhere on these forums but cant remember where).
i would prefer all the information come from a printed source because i cant use more than one internet source, but feel free to include internet sources anyways.

thanks in advance.
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