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Originally Posted by theritor
RVA, the eisenhower quote i cant remember any specific wordsof the quote, i think i stumbled on it in the advocacy forum. oh well. how many quotes are from eisenhower in that newfangled book of yours?
the idea of personal freedom is a good perspecive when looking at where our choices have taken us and thats part of my argument.
so what ive come up with for the body of my speech, being against the dependency on oil/cars as being the problem, the cause of which is consumerism and laziness, the effects being the evnironmental damage and sprawl, the solution would be advocating bikes and public transit. i could use some ideas on other solutions for the argument. and the outline may not seem all that sound but seeing as i have a week to research, write and practice, things are going to end up a little halfassed.
Unfortunately, you've got a lot of preconceptions. Imagine for a moment if there exists a situation where there are millions of persons who do not respect your right or ability to make a reasoned personal choice on this issue and who seek power over you, by virture of the power of the state, to make choices for you.

Don't think in terms of, "being against the dependency on oil/cars as being the problem, the cause of which is consumerism and laziness" if you want to apply some original thought to this exercise because "oil/cars" are nothing but transportation and self-determination.

Is it "bad" consumerism if you own your own a method of transportation but "good" consumerism if a state agency owns the method of transportation that you must use to get where you want to go? Remember that the state agency is paid for by you through your taxes.

Is is lazy for you to earn the money to purchase freedom of travel--if that is what you want to do--but, industrious to wait at a bus stop or sit in the back seat of a cab?
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