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wagathon, yeah i know it seems like there are preconceptions but im taking it all int oconcideration and also wanted to get others views on this, for it and against and alternate views as well. i do see cars on oil as tools but the fact that they are used far more than any other developed nation (the whole thing about US consuming 25% of worlds fuel but only producing 11% and the fact that 82% of trips from point a to b are made by car in the US vs 40% in demark) and the glorification of the automobile found here is what im taking issue with. but i intended to do the speech against the problem of the consumption of petrolium, but that must address the issue of the car too. at least for me it does.
and i want to repeat that i have to do this all in a weeks time so this wont be the best speech by any means just something to work with.
and to talk about owning your own method of transportation vs state own trans., my ultimate goal is to persuade people to see alternative transportation, ie bikes, busses, carpooling, walking, trains, subways as something to use besides their car when available. im not against a single mom with three kids driving a car or minivan for the practicle purpose ultimate availability of transportation, what i am against in the speech is a the millions o people who feel "have car, will drive" or the the bigger, ie more power, shinyier the better.
so for a freshman level speech class i would say what i have so far is decent enough. im not writing a thesis or doing someting on a professional level.

and as for the effects, i think environmental impact would be good but sprawl, concerning overdependence on oil, doesnt realy work, what could be another point to make for an effect?
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