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any of them saying about making the nation driven (no pun) by cars?

and by the way, ive reworked my speech body

-laziness or convenience
~travel without hassle, comfortability, shelter, best current mode for long distance
~identifying worth with brand name association or status symbol, want over need

-evironmental impact
-affects foreign policy

-alternate fuels
-lessen use of oil by alternate transportaion; walking bus train subway bikes carpool

so then, anyone have good sources i could use for this speech, preferably of the paper kind? i really would like the help becuase i have 6 days until i give the speech and as much as it may seem i didnt procrastinate, my teacher kind of screwed the class over by not aloting enough time for this speech. but it doesnt help im going to a show in another city to see tally hall play tonight. oh yes it is worth it!
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