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As long as you realize that, e.g., "the whole thing about US consuming 25% of worlds fuel but only producing 11% and the fact that 82% of trips from point a to b are made by car in the US vs 40% in demark," makes no sense without context.

Japan produces almost no fuel. The US could produce much more fuel than it does. And what is the inference? That the fuel that the US and Japan uses is not going to some productive use, or that it could go to some higher better use and that something other than the market should decide that use, or that it would be better to leave the energy in the ground than to employ it for any use?

How can you compare the US to Denmark? San Diego alone is larger than Switzerland. Would you compare Switzerland to the whole US. How about comparing the Dane's use of energy to the Amish in PA? Would that be fair? The Amish ride bikes, horses and own no cars. Is the US evil because it devoted so much energy to landing a man on the moon?
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