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Originally Posted by MoneyMaker
well if your like me you need a good front brake if your flatland unless you can footjam but thats hard to do
but most flandlanders take off there back brake since you dont need it as much as a front
Originally Posted by MoneyMaker
you wont see alot of flatlanders doin them cuz they use front brakes
but some dont use any at all
so you can just shut up

stop pretending you know what your talking about.
both your posts contradict each other.

1. footjams are easy
2. how many flatlanders have you seen do a footjam
3. the reason you wont see flatlanders doing them is because flatlanders enjoy doing the hardest tricks and progressing because it takes sooooooooooo much patience (sp)
4. read the rules, cursing, in any form, is prohibited
5. i think every post you made has contradicted each other...EVERY POST...not just this thread
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