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Pedal distance

Originally Posted by parkerga
I purchased a recumbent last year but during my test ride (before I bought it), I injured my knee and had to have surgery (maniscus tear). Anyway, I have recovered and want to my the bike I finally did purchased anyway but I am afraid. I am not getting good advice on how far my pedels should be positioned forward.

If I am on my bike and as I pedel, should my leg be fully extended when the pedel is at its furthest point away from my body or should I have a bend in my leg at the furthest point. I really love my bike but when I get on it now, I feel a pull around my knee and am afraid that I need some adjustments.

There are two things to consider. First is how to set the pedal distance. While you are sitting still push yourself well back into the seat and place your heel on the pedal at full extention. Your leg should be comfortably straight with your heel firmly on the pedal. When you place your foot properly on the pedal your knee will then bend. This is where you start--as you ride you may find you need the pedal a touch (1/4"?) closer to you or a touch further away or it may be just right. The second consideration is that, when you ride, be cautious about leaving your leg fully out straight (it's comfortable and there is a tendency to do it) when coasting. If you hit a large bump in this position, your knee can hyper-extend and that is clearly not good--especially for you.

With this method, which is a standard proceedure, you should find the perfect setting. Then you can really let loose and enjoy yourself.

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