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Originally Posted by IROkid
You people who telly your score are little stinky buttwads
Please. It's not like we're providing the answer key or trying to convince him to use a #2 1/2 pencil lead on the test. I'd like to brag that I got a higher score, but that didn't happen.

I do know a guy who got a 36 on his ACT. He opted to go to a local commuter school, made big $$$ by doing so, got out in 3 years, and is a software guru who has been running a successful business. The ACT score didn't mean crap to him. The valedictorian of our class about wigged out because she only got a 35/36 on the ACT and was beaten by a classmate. She ended up at MIT and what became of her I have no clue. Did that meander enough for you?

In the end, standardized tests are about getting you into college and hopefully providing a means to justify some scholarships to help defray the enormous cost of attending a university.

Beyond that, they don't matter.
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