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here is an explanation translated in babel fish from the selle san marco site:

The word of order of Saint Saddleback unit R&D Mark is: "think ahead!" (it thinks in ahead). This approach, arranged with a remarkable aesthetic search, has carried to create the only saddleback in Magnesium on the market. To the world there are least companies that work Magnesium, and still less that they use a fusione/iniezione procedure. This last one, used up to now only in the automotive aerospace and the production of members of the mobile telephony, serves in order to produce the carrying auto body of the Magma. Why just the Magnesium? Because it is a material that concurs of having characteristics similar to Carbon, like the lightness, but with the advantage of being able to have spessori differentiates to you just for the injection procedure that is some to the base, allowing therefore to unload the vibrations in more uniform way on the saddleback. The ergonomic design of the hull with the channel centers them concurs then, to unload the perineale zone and to facilitate a continuous air flow. The hull comes protect from the oxidating agressivi thanks to a treatment of paint job (coating treatment) free from chromium and heavy metals (and therefore rispettoso of the atmosphere). To completion, the Magma previews also uses it of a series of inserti in Carbon, just in those zones where its characteristics boast mainly like: the couplings of the saddleback to the chassis, in order to unload the vibrations; and in the flank, with one smooth surface that protrae towards the nose of the saddleback in order to facilitate the ergonomicitÓ of the foot thrust.
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