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Originally Posted by Wheelchairman
Thats a great idea. Think I'll b off to the hardware tomorrow .
Just a question though; does the rear fall off that stand during high cadence pedal action and gear changes? I use a brick and my trike always seems to fall off (the brick) at some point, due to the unloaded rear moving around . Does the stand eliminate this annoyance?
If you notice in the photos I created a notch so that the dropout does not slip in the mount. I also place a brick in front of the front wheels to prevent the trike from moving forward. I used it yesterday while turning the pedals real fast and shifting through the gears. Didn't fall off once. A lot depends on shape of rear dropout. Also you can shorten part "F" to lower it a little more so the angle is not as large. Adjust "F" for your trike. The length for mine is for a 26" 559 wheel.

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