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Originally Posted by chipcom
Whoa, slow down folks. Lots of good and decent people are poor. Granted, some people are poor due to circumstances they can control, but others are poor due to circumstances beyond their control. I've been there myself, to the point of being homeless. Before we all go dissing poor folks, we should remember that any of us could be in the same boat rather quickly in todays world. I understand the people you are talking about...maybe we just need to find another label for 'losers'?
Being poor does not mean you can do any of the things listed in this topic. My family was poor. We went from making 1/2 a million plus a year to to making zilch. We did not go around
Originally Posted by Original Poster
Why is it if your poor,your most likly to be a pig,not care what your kids do,have no respect for others property and just be a nothing? I've worked in a poor area for 22-23 years and you just cant have anything nioce or try to do anything nice. The school i work at can plant new trees,they pull them out. The trees we have they use as bar-b-q pits on the weekend. Cant paint anything as they will put there hands in it. They fuc$ up the school on the weekends like crap on the sidewalk and then put it on the walls and padlocks. Why?
We worked harder, we put more value in friendship, we put more value in what few services and conveniences were offered. We learned lessons from every hardship.

There is a difference between being poor, and being poor and losing hope and destroying everything around you, not caring and not taking care of your children, your lives and your neighborhood.

Almost all of the posts refer to the latter.
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