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Originally Posted by shokhead
Why is it if your poor,your most likly to be a pig,not care what your kids do,have no respect for others property and just be a nothing? I've worked in a poor area for 22-23 years and you just cant have anything nioce or try to do anything nice. The school i work at can plant new trees,they pull them out. The trees we have they use as bar-b-q pits on the weekend. Cant paint anything as they will put there hands in it. They fuc$ up the school on the weekends like crap on the sidewalk and then put it on the walls and padlocks. Why?
Why didn't you change it?

No I'm not saying it to be nasty. There is even a good chance you tried at some point. But it got you nowhere. Once you have a bad area those who want to make things better are very apt to find out that it is a ton of work and no progress. Those who what to improve their life and are willing to work to make it happen quickly figure out that the route is to quietly save something anf move out. In short the best people keep leaving.

I personally do not feel the poor are that different than the rich or middle class, top to bottom. BUT this kind of sorting means the poor lose let's say the top 5% and a lot of the bottom 5% end up losing enough that they move to a less expensive neighborhood.

Stop to think about it. if one person in a hundred wants to trash things it is a lot of work for the rest to undo it. If it is one in 10 there is no way to keep up.
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