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There are a number of cycles that cause the problems that you are witnessing.

Education: This is the biggie really. There is a failure to teach the need for socially productive behaviour and thus the behavious becomes anti-social. Subsequently efforts to teach socially acceptable behaviour are aimed at places where results are more apparent. The neglected place continue to decline.

Societal: We fail to respect these people and so they see themselves as unworthy of respect and thus do nothing to earn it. Naturally our ablility to respect diminishes.

Economic, environmental and so on. The cycles all go the same way.

I'm not going to outright blame the "haves" for the failing of the "have-nots" but we certainly contribute to a degree and those on the advantaged side are in a better position to effect change. If you ask people from these areas, practically none of them like their conditions but hey, what can any of them do about it? How are they going to be able to make change that lasts?
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